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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Children realistic over Christmas present demands as credit crisis continues

Children preparing their Christmas present wish list are aware the credit crunch means they have to be more realistic with their choices, reveals a survey of kids by leading online travel and leisure retailer lastminute.com.

The nation's children are bracing themselves for fewer gifts under the tree, fearing their parents will spend less this Christmas due to the current economic climate, unveils lastminute.com's poll of 2,000 children.

More than three quarters of children (77%) expect to receive less presents this Christmas, while amazingly more than one in ten kids (11%) expect to wake up on Christmas Day morning with no presents under the tree.

The findings show children are aware the country is heading towards a recession and are prepared to be more reasonable in their Christmas wish lists.

Despite this realisation there is a massive difference in the amount children expect to be spent on them this festive season.

Children in the Midlands still expect their parents to spend a massive £150 on them this Christmas compared to a mere £30 a child in Scotland.

South East England children expect their parents to spend £60 on them this Christmas.

Scottish and Welsh children are also looking forward to giving gifts this year (43% and 25% respectively).

lastminute.com Lifestyle Director Mark Bower said: "Children are very perceptive and it appears that the current credit crunch hasn't passed them by. They are aware the current financial climate may mean they need to rewrite their Christmas list and perhaps opt for less expensive or more meaningful gifts this year."

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